The dream Chrome Extension for you with a MyAnimeList account.

What is QuickMyAnimeList?

QuickMyAnimeList is the dream Chrome Extension for you who updates your MyAnimeList list often. It allows you to quickly add, edit, or delete an anime from your list without visiting the complex URL of MyAnimeList. You can view the forum thread on MyAnimeList here.

One Single Click

Move your cursor to the top right corner of your window, and click on the MyAnimeList icon. That's it. It opens a popup window right in front of you so you don't have to open a new tab, or break away from the awesome IMDB page, etc.

Time saver

You no longer have to open a new tab, type in the long URL, search, choose, and input everything in the dull input box. QuickMAL has simple and easy input searches that allows you to search and choose with a just a few keyboard movements.


I have included Material Design elements here and there in the popup, making it very friendly to your eyes. Material Design is a new kind of flat design Google has been using recently.

Frequent Updates

QuickMyAnimeList gets updated a lot on GitHub, with very minor issues and bug fixes. This means that there is almost always new content to check out every few weeks or so. There is also a looong list of To-Dos, which will be done one-by-one.

Fast Support

If you are having any trouble using QuickMyAnimeList, you can always contact me. I am a quick replier, and I will answer anything you want to ask about within minutes (if I'm awake, obviously).

Open Source

The whole Chrome Extension is fully open source under the MIT license on GitHub. Feel free to contribute and do stuff with my code!



Get it from the Chrome Web Store!

You can install QuickMyAnimeList from the Chrome Web Store. Simply go to the store, and search for QuickMyAnimeList.
The direct link is

Simpy click on Install, and configure the extension to your needs!

Manual Installation

Step 1

Download the latest ZIP file from the link below. Download Latest : 1.3.6

Open the ZIP file and copy the folder called 'FoxInFlame-QuickMyAnimeList-master' to somewhere in your OS. It could be on your Desktop, on Google Drive, in your Documents, whatever. Rename the folder something like QuickMyAnimeList.

Step 2

Navigate to chrome://extensions in Chrome, and check the box that says Developer Mode.

Step 3

Click on Load Unpacked Extension, and select the folder you copied in.

And you're done!

You could also download the CRX file and drag-and-drop the file into chrome://extensions.


Step 1

Download the latest ZIP file from the link below. Download Latest : 1.3.6

Delete the contents of your existing QuickMyAnimeList folder. Open the ZIP file and copy the contents of the folder 'FoxInFlame-QuickMyAnimeList-master' and paste it into your folder.

Step 2

Go to chrome://extensions, enable Developer Mode, and click on Reload under the existing QuickMyAnimeList description.

And you're done!

I'll notify you when there are updates available.


Chrome Web Store (Recommended):

Download Latest (1.3.6) ZIP Download Latest (1.3.6) TAR

Packaged CRX:
Download 1.3.6 CRX



QuickMyAnimeList, created by the 'simple-minded Web Developer' FoxInFlame, is licenced under a MIT License.


I hope you find this Chrome Extension useful.
Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions, bugs or suggestions.

About the Creator

Well, hello. I'm FoxInFlame, and I'm known as a simple-minded Web Developer.

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If you found any bugs, have suggesstions, just want help, or anything for QuickMyAnimeList, there are several steps you could take.

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