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A simple-minded Web Developer
FoxInFlame was last watching anime N/A

Describing myself


Well hello.
I'm FoxInFlame. I'm a self-proclaimed Web Developer (with a few other self-proclaimed side-occuptations).

I personally call myself a Web Developer. I have a long way to go, but I develop on the Web, so advanced or not, I'm still a Web Developer.
My birthday is the 23rd of January.
My favourite color is #ff8a65, but it doesn't blend well with other colors.
I watch a bit of anime.
I think that's all you need to know.

I am a...
  • webSelf-proclaimed Web Developer

    I develop on the web. I'm still an amateur, and I think I realise that. I do a bit of HTML/CSS/JS front-end, and PHP/MySQL backend. I've never touched a single line on other programming languages. I should, really.

  • play_arrowAnime-Lover

    I watch anime. Most of them are mainstream. I sometimes try to write reviews and fail horribly, so I've basically given up on that. At other times I try creating vector wallpapers, which don't turn out so well either.

Me posting random stuff

My Projects (Newest updated at top)

Better Wallpaper Manager Image
Better Wallpaper Managerkeyboard_arrow_up
Better Wallpaper Managerclose

The default Chrome OS wallpaper app sucks. It's dull, dark, and limited. With Better Wallpaper Manager, you can select pictures and fill settings like the default app, plus even more features, all within a beautiful mateiral design interface! You can select solid colours, sources to download randomly from, slideshow a folder in Drive, choose your interval, etc! So many things that you wouldn't have thought of is now customisable!

QuickMyAnimeList Image

The dream Chrome Extension for you with a MyAnimeList account. That's QuickMyAnimeList. Easily and quickly add and edit anime in your MAL list, as well as auto-updating when visiting streaming sites!

It's now on the Chrome Web Store, thanks to my awesome friend, Amphy.

MBVisualiser Image

You have to look through each class on ManageBac and take notes of each grade to calculate your average and find the subject you're best at.
No more of that from today.
MBVisualiser takes your ManageBac login information, remotely logs in using PHP, and visualises your average grades on simple colorful graphs. The graphs will show the comparisons of average grades per criteria, and per class.

Original idea by Canaguy.

matomari API Image
matomari APIkeyboard_arrow_up
matomari APIclose

A couple of MyAnimeList related scrapers and stuff like that, put together in a RESTful API. Still WIP

nextMAL Image

Do you ever look through your Plan to Watch list on MyAnimeList for something to watch, just to realise you haven't decided after half an hour? By typing in your MyAnimeList username and clicking on a single button, nextMAL will read through your anime list and select a random anime for you to watch.

Original idea by @Hinata

MALembed Image

MALembed is a automatic signature generator for a MyAnimeList user. It grabs the anime stats of a user, and makes it into an image that you can embed anywhere on the web. Many options to customise, from backgrounds to fonts.

ManageBacMaterialDesign Image

This userstyle no longer works properly with the new ManageBac layout.
ManageBacMaterialDesign is a userstyle I developed to use on the student page of ManageBac. You can install this using the Chrome/Firefox Extension Stylish.

YouTube Restricted Mode Escaper Screenshot
YouTube Restricted Mode Escaperkeyboard_arrow_up
YouTube Restricted Mode Escaperclose

YouTube Restricted Mode Escaper (YRME, before known as RestrictedModeEscaper) is a quick and simple Chrome Extension that allows you to watch School-Restricted YouTube videos. Useful if you have a school Chromebook (which is why I made it, of course).

It replaces 'This video is restricted' on YouTube with an embed of a non-cookie version. More information available in the Help page after installing.

StoriesWeLove Image

StoriesWeLove is a WattPad client for Chrome and Chrome OS. It runs as a packaged app, and so, it works in offline as well. You can download stories, read them in the client, and change settings and stuff.

Wattpad API Documentation Image
Wattpad API Documentationkeyboard_arrow_up
Wattpad API Documentationclose

I created an unofficial documentation for the Wattpad API. It was public for 3 days until Wattpad messaged me to take it down, since the APIs documented were only for interal use. Right now, only authorised people are allowed to view it.

MinecraftColorCodes Image

MinecraftColorCodes is a JavaScript plugin that allows you to translate strings with Minecraft Color Codes to HTML. Characters such as §1, §l, §b will all be replaced with CSS styles so that you can display your Minecraft server MOTD on your website easily!

Nintendo DS Emulator for Chrome OS

About ChroNDS

ChroNDS iconChroNDS is a Nintendo DS Emulator for Chrome OS. It was created/found by a Reddit user. I simply made it more popular and available to more people.

Since this is originally an Android app, an Android Runtime is required on your Chromebook. The official Google Android Runtime doesn't work with this, and you will have to install the ARChon Custom Runtime.

The Emulator runs smoothly for some games (Always 60FPS), while on other games, it is very slow (Lower than 35FPS). This issue has something to do with background graphics in-game. Some DS games don't even work, and crash upon launching the game. To help you with this, a helpful person called Ampharos 2.0, has created the Official ChroNDS ROM Compatibility List.
Ampharos also made the whole Chrome App available on the Chrome Web Store! You still need ARChon though.

Download ChroNDS 1.2
  1. Go to the Chrome Webstore and download Evernote.
  2. Download ARChon Runtime. If you know if your system is 64-bit, 32-bit or ARM, then great! If not, try ARM first, and change later if you find that it doesn't work.
  3. Copy the contents of the ZIP file into a folder called ARChon, in your Downloads drive (Not your Google Drive!).
  4. Go to chrome://extensions, and check the box that says Developer Mode.
  5. Click the button that says "Load unpacked extension". Select the ARChon folder, and click Open.
  6. Download ChroNDS version 1.2 from the Chrome Web Store.
  7. Now, you should have ChroNDS in your App Launcher. Launch it, and if the icon shows for more than 30 seconds, try a different ARChon Runtime. If it asks you to select a folder, create a new Folder called "ChroNDS Files", and select it.
  8. That's done with the installation. If you want to add games/ROMs, copy the .nds file into your "ChroNDS Files"->"Android", so that your ROM file is in the same directory as the "data" folder.

More information about installation can be found on my YouTube video.

  • Screenshot of ChroNDS running Grand Theft Auto
  • Screenshot of ChroNDS running Fire Elmblem
  • Screenshot of ChroNDS running Pokémon Heartgold
  • Screenshot of ChroNDS running Space Invaders Extreme 2

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