QuickMyAnimeList V1.2- A Chrome Extension for you with a MAL account

Hey there all MyAnimeList users!

I have developed a useful Chrome Extension called QuickMyAnimeList, which basically does most of things you need to do with MAL easier.

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[Announcement] FoxInFlame Pages – Halting Development

Well hello everyone.

It’s been quite a while since my last blog post. 4 months? A long time.

Now, this is more of an announcement than something I would like to teach everyone, so please keep that in mind.

I have decided that I will be halting development for FoxInFlame Pages.

FoxInFlame Pages was a work in progress website hoster with a WYSIWYG editor, a file uploader, and easy URLs. Originally, the planned features were a full admin page at /pages/admin, a full login/signup and email confirmation system, as well as many others. However, soon I realised that since I hadn’t planned anything out and was just doing things on the go, this project would never finish perfectly.

So, from now on, I will no longer continue developing FoxInFlame Pages. Maybe later, a few months from now, I might begin again. But not now.

I had developed FoxInFlame Pages using PHP, however, now that I look back, I don’t think I would’ve been able to finish the project with just PHP. Therefore, I will try to learn new languages for web development that could become useful in these kind of occasions later on in life.

Thank you for reading this far.


New Chrome Update brings Flatter Material Design Look

In the recent updates of Google Chrome Canary version, there has been a huge visual change, compared to the other previous version of Google Chrome. Many things have been changed to Material Design.

Here, I will cover most of what has changed visually.

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[APP REVIEW]» OBS – Record your Windows/Mac/Linux screen!

Whether or not you are a hardcore gamer, a product designer, or anything else, at least once in a while, you’ve thought about recording your computer screen.

There are many options and programs out there in the interwebs, but in this post, I will cover the program I use. It’s the OBS. OBS Stands for “Open Broadcaster Software”. It allows users to save the recordings to their computer, or live-stream to twitch, or any other live website.

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Chromebook Tutorial : NDS Emulator

People with a Chromebook know, exactly how much useful Chromebook is for work. It is very fast, cheap, and easy to work online or offline with Google Drive.

But there’s one problem with Chromebooks. You can’t run that many games. You’ve had a tough day, you want to relax, and all you can play on your Chromebook is 2048, or some stupid online game. No Minecraft. No Pokémon. No League of Legends.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to get a working Nintendo DS Emulator on your Chromebook.

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[WINDOWS 10 TIPS] : #2 Virtual Desktops

So you got your Window 10 computer ready. You know how to customize your new Start menu. Now let’s dive into more of the core features of Windows 10, and learn to customize them.

In this post, we will cover Virtual Desktops, first introduced in Windows 10. It had been possible to have many virtual desktops on OS X (Mission Control), but never had been possible with Windows.

Of course, there were some applications, namely Dexpot, which I have written a review about here; which allows you to have virtual desktops on your Windows 7, or 8 machine.

But you haven’t upgraded to Windows 10 for nothing. Let’s cover what the built-in Windows 10 Virtual Desktops has to offer for us.

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[WINDOWS 10 TIPS] : #1 Start Menu

So you got your Windows 10 ready. Now what?

There is a brand new redesigned start menu available for you on Windows 10. It features the traditional Windows 7 style All Apps sections on the left hand side, with also a section for newly installed apps and recently used apps. On the right hand side, there is the modern Windows 8 style tiles from the start screen. The two are combined into a single start menu, which basically features everything. It even has a built-in speech recognition called “Cortana”, and it acts like Siri, but on your Windows 10.

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