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A simple-minded Web Developer

Let me introduce myself


I am a guy who takes interest in many things.
One of them is programming. Programming is fun. Once you get the hang of it, you can create many amazing things. Making websites, making programs, even editing existing games.
Maybe, for you who think programming is like a thing only geniuses can do, I might seem very far from you. But we are the same. Everyone can learn programming. Programming, is basically to give very specific instructions on what to do to a super dumb machine who can't think on it's own.
When you successfully make the dumb machine follow your instructions, specifically, for the first time, you will feel like you could do anything. That, is an important feeling to keep, and when you later on, make a mistake, and you almost give up, you should remember that feeling, and make your instructions make successfully.
As many other famous people say: Nothing is impossible.
One other thing I fancy is gaming. My favourite games are Pokémon, and Minecraft. I don't own many games, but it doesn't have to be a computer game. It can be a board game, like Monopoly, outside games like Hide'n Seek. Every kind of game is fun for me! ('Cept maybe math games, where you have to answer hard math equations to win...)

I am a...
  • webBack-End Web Developer

    I code the back-end, also known as the server side of websites. Things like connecting to the database, reading live data from somewhere. E.g. Subscriber counts, number of members.

  • view_arrayFront-End Web Developer

    Using CSS and JavaScript and HTML, I create a simple and easy-to-understand layout on the website. Positioning elements, adding shadows, using libraries, animations, all of that goes in here.

  • format_color_fillGraphic Designer

    I design UIs, icons, and logos using Photoshop and Illustrator. I especially am fond of Google Material Design, and I follow their guidelines pretty loyally when I design UIs.

  • Gamer

    I am a Not-So-Hardcore-Gamer. This means, that, well, I'm not much of a hardcore gamer. Duh. I play Pokémon, and my favourite of all of them are Pokémon Red, SoulSilver, LeafGreen and Black 2. I use an emulator on my jailbroken iPhone 3GS to play some retro games for Gameboy Advance. I am planning to create a Pokémon Emerald hack version, but it is still in thinking time. I also play Minecraft. Not to be un-modest or anything, but am awesome at building, and I suck at PVP. I take my time to build something unique, special, and most of all, awesome. Since I do programming, Redstone inside Minecraft is pretty logical, and is fun to play around with too. The server I always join, is called Vanilla World.

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My Projects (Newest updated at top)

Nintendo DS Emulator for Chrome OS

About ChroNDS

ChroNDS iconChroNDS is a Nintendo DS Emulator for Chrome OS. It was created/found by a Reddit user. I simply made it more popular and available to more people.

Since this is originally an Android app, an Android Runtime is required on your Chromebook. The official Google Android Runtime doesn't work with this, and you will have to install the ARChon Custom Runtime.

The Emulator runs smoothly for some games (Always 60FPS), while on other games, it is very slow (Lower than 35FPS). This issue has something to do with background graphics in-game. Some DS games don't even work, and crash upon launching the game. To help you with this, a helpful person called Ampharos 2.0, has created the Official ChroNDS ROM Compatibility List.
Ampharos also made the whole Chrome App available on the Chrome Web Store! You still need ARChon though.

Download ChroNDS 1.2

  1. Go to the Chrome Webstore and download Evernote.
  2. Download ARChon Runtime. If you know if your system is 64-bit, 32-bit or ARM, then great! If not, try ARM first, and change later if you find that it doesn't work.
  3. Copy the contents of the ZIP file into a folder called ARChon, in your Downloads drive (Not your Google Drive!).
  4. Go to chrome://extensions, and check the box that says Developer Mode.
  5. Click the button that says "Load unpacked extension". Select the ARChon folder, and click Open.
  6. Download ChroNDS version 1.2 from the Chrome Web Store.
  7. Now, you should have ChroNDS in your App Launcher. Launch it, and if the icon shows for more than 30 seconds, try a different ARChon Runtime. If it asks you to select a folder, create a new Folder called "ChroNDS Files", and select it.
  8. That's done with the installation. If you want to add games/ROMs, copy the .nds file into your "ChroNDS Files"->"Android", so that your ROM file is in the same directory as the "data" folder.

More information about installation can be found on my YouTube video.


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